Who should serve on the committee?

Committee members should be persons with a diverse range of disabilities, who are knowledgeable in identifying and eliminating attitudinal, programmatic, communication, and physical barriers encountered by persons with disabilities.

People with disabilities add another dimension to diversity efforts, contributing to the development of unique and creative community efforts. These advisors come from all backgrounds and ages, and have varied skills and perspectives, adding value to a community.

People qualified to be ACAC members include people who:

  • Identify as people with disabilities;
  • Have a user’s perspective on accessibility features;
  • Have personal experience with disabilities, disability-related issues and disability-related advocacy;
  • Can speak broadly on disability issues as opposed to only addressing their own needs;
  • Are knowledgeable about a variety of physical, communication, and program access issues (hearing, vision, mobility and speech issues, and cognitive limitations).

ACAC members should:

  • Be connected to and involved in the disability community on a state, local or national level;
  • Have active involvement in broad-based disability support and advocacy organizations.
  • Be familiar with and/or regularly use two-way communication methods that facilitate communication with the disability community they are representing.
  • Have disaster-related technical expertise, advocacy experience, management experience and training skills.

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