How to Recruit ACAC committee members

To recruit ACAC members:

Communicate the Nature and Purpose of the ACAC:

  • Create a description of the goals and objectives of the ACAC;
  • Describe the qualities the ACAC is seeking in its members (skills, experience, knowledge, etc.)
  • Identify the projected time commitment needed from participants (projected number of meetings, length of meetings, preparation time, over what number of months or years);
  • Specify policies regarding expense reimbursement;

Establish and Announce a Recruiting and Selection Process:

  • Establish selection criteria for the type and diversity of representation you are seeking;
  • Undertake targeted recruiting, if necessary, to add the requisite mix of experience and skills to the ACAC;
  • Create an application for disability-specific organizations and people in the community to make nominations to the ACAC.

Avoid Haphazard or Random Recruitment

  • Take the time to think through the type of representation desired;
  • Avoid automatically thinking of and recruiting co-workers, colleagues, neighbors, friends, or acquaintances that have a disability or activity limitation. These individuals may or may not be qualified representatives.

Send the ACAC recruiting announcement and application to

  • Disability support and advocacy organizations;
  • Local newspapers, community newsletters, and other media;
  • If you do not know where to send recruiting materials, ask well-established disability-specific organizations to assist you;
  • Disability-specific organizations can also assist you with the selection of ACAC members;
  • Ask the GCDE for assistance as needed.
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