How to apply for funding

The Accessible Communities Act provides that counties may receive funding:

1) to improve disability awareness and access for people with disabilities, and

2) for reimbursement of expenses related to county Advisory Committee meeting accmodations and travel thereto.

Grant-funded Projects:

Projects of many types can improve disability awareness and improve access for people with disabilities. ACACs are encouraged to think broadly about the diverse nature of projects that can increase disability awareness and improve accessibility for people with disabilities.

County and local governments, non-governmental organizations, local venues and facilities, and individuals, all may submit project proposals to their county ACAC for consideration. The ACAC is charged with determining which projects to support, prioritizing them based on their potential impact and likelihood of timely implementation.

The GCDE accepts project funding requests year-round, and the Accessible Communities Subcommittee of the GCDE reviews and considers proposals as per the procedures outlined in the AC Subcommittee’s Operations Manual [here].

Project proposals [see required fillable formats below] should address the following questions:

  • What is the County proposing to do?
  • What is the project budget, including direct costs, in-kind support and staff costs?
  • Why did the ACAC decide to recommend this proposal?
  • What is the timeline for this project?
  • What outcomes or performance measures does the project sponsor expect to achieve?
  • Are there matching funds involved, including in-kind contributions such as volunteer hours?

ACAC Project Plan Form A 10-2019

ACAC Budget Narrative Form B 10-2019

ACAC Milestone Chart Form C 10-2019

Counties and their ACACs are encouraged to work with GCDE staff as they develop their project ideas and prepare their proposals.

Reimbursement for meeting or activity costs:

To receive reimbursement for its meeting expenses, a county ACAC must submit an invoice to GCDE Program Coordinator Elaine Stefanowicz detailing the reimbursable expenses. Expenses must be allowable under the Employment Security Department travel rules. Per Diem rates will be those established by the Office of Financial Management.



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