Spokane County

The Spokane County’s Accessible Communities Advisory Committee (ACAC) was formed with the Access 4 All organization in Spokane and received funding to complete access projects for persons with disabilities.

Their project is designed to increase awareness of disability issues, improved access and inclusion in Spokane County.

Teams of “Accessibility Ambassadors" will visit a minimum of 100 places in Spokane and review them for accessibility features using the Access 4 All Spokane checklist and publish that information on a searchable online directory.

Spokane County ACAC will present a minimum of 9 classes to increase awareness, understanding, and skills related to accessibility, ‘disability-friendly’ customer service and collaborative problem-solving.  This information will be presented at meetings, conferences, conventions and/or other public events.

A minimum of 1,000 brochures will be distributed to the public with information on specific ways people can contribute to their project, and specific activities people can do to improve accessibility and disability-friendliness in Spokane County.

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