Jefferson County

The Jefferson County’s Accessible Communities Advisory Committee (ACAC) received funding to develop and distribute emergency preparedness planning information for the medically fragile in Jefferson County.  A brochure is being developed and will be printed on “Emergency Preparedness for the Medically Fragile,” and will update and print rack cards highlighting the need to give older adults and adults with disabilities a tool to remind them on changes in condition that might need a consultation with professionals.

Jefferson County ACAC updated and printed rack cards that highlight respectful language when speaking about someone with a disability, and a brochure about the definitions of a service dog, animal, emotional support dog or therapy dog or animal.

Jefferson County’s ACAC collaborated with the Port Townsend Film Festival to sponsor a documentary “Becoming Bulletproof.”  The film is about the making of a rip-roaring Western starring individuals with disabilities.  The film “Where’s Molly” about a family where a sister disappeared and 47 years later it was discovered that she was sent to a home for children with disabilities.

To improve beach access at Ft. Worden, the Jefferson County ACAC will purchase 1 beach wheelchair and a beach walker.  The use of these will be monitored and if there is a high use, more may be purchased.  Fort Worden will maintain this equipment. Read an article about it here:

Jefferson County is currently seeking new project ideas. For more information, see the link here:,1340

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